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Posted by: smiley
Date posted: 25/01/2016 15:46
Title: Torrent Errors

We are aware of the errors with torrents and looking into the issue. Your torrent software may report something similar to "Tracker sending invalid data". We are trying to track down and fix the error. We'll update as we learn more.
Posted by: BP
Date posted: 22/06/2014 10:56
Title: GNR Tracker Version 5.0 June 2014

Finally! We are working out the system the next days.  UPDATE YOUR BOOKMARKS :: NEW GNR TRACKER URL IS

IMPORTANT: You may have to reset your password if you cannot log in !! Find the 'recover' button

We are much in need of donations. Please donate to the right. Donation script now works. You will also get some nice benefits other than a sincere thank you!

GUNSNROSES.US -This tracker is your definitive source of Guns N' Roses and related bootlegs. We hope you enjoy it!

please read tracker Rules after you first login.

Enjoy your stay here!   Please no official media !!

Thanks, Sean